Top images of 2016

It’s always difficult to pick your top images from a year. Sometimes it takes longer for the best ones to rise to the surface and for the bias of how you felt at the time to wear off and leave the cold facts behind. Good times, great light, average composition. Average photo. Other times it’s […]

2015 and all that

It’s been an interesting and successful year for my photography. I have held an exhibition to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake victims, been selected as a finalist in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition and been on some fantastic photo missions, notably to the Ureweras, Whirinaki and Northland. Here are some […]

The full moon as a compositional device

While some people prefer a new moon so they can shoot the milky way, I love shooting the full moon. The timing of it rising (at sunset) and setting (at sunrise) ┬áprovide opportunities to create a more interesting image and at a time of day with attractive lighting. The results can be stunning. Here are […]

Three beautiful bushwalks

I like to get into the wilderness for days at a time, but over the last year I have also been discovering some amazing places much closer to civilisation. I want to talk about a few of them in this blog post and the opportunities that they offer for photography.

How to photograph a forest

Getting a decent photograph in a forest can be one of the hardest things in the world. Usually it’s too sunny. While the forest looks stunning to our eyes, the camera records only deep shadows and blown highlights. But there are some tricks and tips to look out for. The key ingredients for a successful […]